Nik Gruber

I’m a luthier, which means I fix and build guitars. Beyond that, I self identify as a teacher because that’s what I did for a long time.

Gruber Guitars Logo

Gruber Guitars is a full-service guitar repair shop located in the heart of Downtown, Fargo and operated by Nik Gruber. The mission at Gruber Guitars is to get more people involved in music. Whether we are fixing up that dusty student model from the attic, finely intonating your main gigging axe, or restoring a treasured vintage instrument, we will work with you to get your guitar playing and sounding its best.

Because we understand the needs of working musicians, we strive to make sure each job suits the demands of the player. Our mission will always be providing top-notch repair services, ranging anywhere from basic set ups to complete custom instruments, for each and every one of our customers.

"I was extremely happy with the work done by Nik. I had him do basic maintenance work after hearing about him through a friend and after seeing some of the guitars he had built, I asked him to build me a replica of a '57 Les Paul gold top. The guitar looks and plays phenomenally and sounds just as good. I don't think I will buy another guitar from a retailer again. My next guitar will definitely be from Nik."

- Cole Hooey, Fargo, ND. American Standard Tele set up, Custom LP style guitar.

"Nik Gruber knows guitars! Aside from being able to make the guitar sing as a player, he knows how to bring the instrument to its full potential before you even pick it up. I recently sent him a 1978 Fender Telecaster that was in pretty rough shape: microphonic pickups, failing hardware/wiring, and a neck that couldn't even handle half step bends in places. What I got back was one of the best feeling guitars I've ever played. it's restored to 100% playability and I can eve slam it into both my overdrive pedals and a wah without any pickup squeal! Thank you Gruber Guitars!"

- Mike Tallman, Ft. Collins, CO. 1978 Tele pickup restoration and set up.